Common Sense is a timely offering for any American yearning to break free from the poisonous tribalism consuming our politics. Taking its name and inspiration from Thomas Paine's Common Sense – the 1776 pamphlet that kindled the American Revolution – this modern rendition offers a path to restoring decency, dialogue, and problem solving to American politics.

No Labels’ Common Sense includes 30 big ideas to tackle America’s greatest challenges, including our budget, energy, immigration, inflation, education, America’s place in the world, and so much more. It points a way toward addressing even the most contentious issues – like guns and abortion – with civility and respect.

This booklet is the culmination of No Labels’ 13 years of work to bridge the political divide in Washington and across the country. And it is influenced by No Labels’ surveys of, and conversations with, tens of thousands of Americans to understand their concerns, aspirations, and priorities for America.

Common Sense provides a clear roadmap for where most Americans want our country to go. Now America just need to find and elect leaders with the courage to take us there.

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